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Common Aikido Terms
Bokken : wooden sword
Chi Kung : a form of exercise that increases chi circulation in the body and thus increases health
Deshi : a personal disciple of the teacher
Dojo : place for training in the path
Dogi or gi : training outfit
Domo arigatou gozaimashita : "Thank you very much."
Gasshuku : intensive seminar in which students live and train together
Gomen nasai : "I am very sorry."
Hajime : "Begin!"
Hakama : skirt (wide pants) worn by dan-ranked students
Jo : wooden staff
Kohai : junior student (in relation to a sempai)
Nage : person who executes the Aikido technique during paired training
Onegai shimasu : "I am requesting the favor of (training with you)."
O Sensei : "Great teacher", referring to the Founder.
Sempai : senior student (in relation to a kohai)
Sensei : "Teacher." Usually refers to the chief instructor.
Shihan : honorific title usually conferred to teachers ranked 7th dan and above
Shomen : the front of the dojo (toward which we bow)
Suburi : set of single moves for bokken or jo practice
Takemusu aiki : refers to the ultimate level of Aikido training in which techniques are executed effortlessly and spontaneously to fit any situation
Uke : person who executes the attack and receives the Aikido technique
Yame : "Stop!"
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