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/vis/instructors/sensei.jpg Howard Hoa Newens Sensei

Howard Hoa Newens Sensei, chief instructor, has trained and taught Aikido since 1967 and is ranked black belt 7th degree by World Headquarters. Throughout the years, he studied with Sensei Dang Thong Phong, 6th dan, Seiichi Sugano, 8th dan, and the late Morihiro Saito, 9th dan. Newens Sensei is the former head of Aikido Institute Oakland. In addition to directing Aikido Institute Davis, he currently serves on the board of Takemusu Aikido Association a non-profit corporation dedicated to promoting Aikido. He has also trained in Wu Tai Chi and Chi Kung since 1987. Newens Sensei has published the most comprehensive series of Aikido DVDs entitled Aikido Curriculum and consisting of seven professionally produced DVDs. He recently published a new book “Aikido Insights" that presents the insights gained after forty-four years of training.
/vis/instructors/Ericresize.jpg Eric Winters

Eric Winters has trained and taught Aikido for 25 years. During this time, he has extensively trained with Hoa Sensei, even before the inception of Aikido Institute Davis. He began Aikido training at Aikido of San Leandro Dojo in 1990 with Sensei Pat Hendricks, where he completed an 18 month uchi-deshi program from Sept.1992 to March 1994. In 2008, he earned the rank of 5th Dan. In addition, Eric trains under Sensei Toby Threadgill, the head of Takamura ha Shindo Yoshin Ryu (TSYR), and in 2013, earned his Shoden level teaching license. Eric teaches adult Aikido classes and an invitation only TSYR class at Aikido Institute Davis. Eric lives in Sacramento with his wife and two daughters.
/vis/instructors/Bruce.jpg Bruce Donehower

Bruce Donehower, instructor, began consistent training in Aikido in 1994 and has instructed since 1999. He is ranked black belt 4th degree by World Headquarters. Throughout the years, he studied with Dan Wold Sensei, Roger Pratt Sensei (New School Aikido), Peter Arno Sensei (California Aikido Association), and Newens Sensei (Takemusu Aikido Association). Bruce has trained at Aikido Institute Davis since its inaugural opening. Bruce also studied Tai Chi under Master T.T. Liang in Boston (Yang style) and was an instructor at Master Liang's studio. He has a doctorate in English literature and an M.A. in German literature and has published novels, poetry, translations, and literary criticism.
/vis/instructors/Kent.jpg Kent Standley

Kent Standley started Aikido training in 1999 after studying shiatsu with Shinzo Fujimaki and being inspired to learn more of the mind-body-spirit arts. He has also been trained as a cranio-sacral balancing therapist. Cranio Sacral Balancing focuses on the central nervous system and was created by Osteopathic Physician, John Upledger DO.
His sensei have included Eric Winters Sensei and Hoa Newens Sensei. He has trained with Hoa Newens Sensei since 2002 and assisted in some of the seven DVD Aikido series of Hoa Newens Sensei. Kent is ranked black belt 4th degree by Aikido World Headquarters and has taught at Aikido Institute Davis since 2005. He has taught as a guest instructor in Petrolia and Roseville California and has trained in Berlin, Dublin and Perth. He is currently the assistant treasurer of the Takemusu Aikido Association.
During the day he analyzes rocket data at Aerojet in Sacramento.
/vis/instructors/Marion.jpg Marion Donehower

Marion Donehower started aikido in the 1970s in Hamburg, Germany. After two years she switched to Tai Chi and studied with Master T.T. Liang in Boston, MA and with Andrew Lum in Hawaii. Marion was an instructor at Master Liang’s studio and has private students in Tai Chi. In 1994 Marion started to reconnect with aikido because she was drawn to the vigorous movement and interactions of the art. Her first teacher was Dan Wold Sensei. In 2007 she joined Aikido Institute, Davis. As a psychologist and artist Marion believes strongly that aikido helps us achieve health in body and mind. Marion holds the rank of black belt 4th degree.
Terrence Phan

Terence Phan began studying Aikido under Newens Sensei in 2003. Over the years, he has been very grateful to have trained under (in chronological order) Tom Gambell Sensei, Hoa Newens Sensei, Hitohiro Saito Sensei, Dang Thong Phong Sensei, and Pat Hendricks Sensei, with opportunities to be uchi deshi under Saito Sensei in 2008 and 2012. In 2012, he earned the rank of 3rd Dan. In addition, Terence trains Tai Chi under Newens Sensei and Takamura ha Shindo Yoshin Ryu under Sensei Toby Threadgill and Sensei Eric Winters.
/vis/instructors/Rob.jpg Rob Kamisky

Rob began studying Aikido in 1998 at the Budo Educational Center in Sacramento (founded by the late Tri Thong Dang Sensei). He has trained at Aikido Institute Davis since 2004, where he received his black belt 3rd degree in 2013. Rob has a master’s degree in Mechanical and Aeronautical engineering and works in renewable energy in Sacramento. He lives in Davis with his wife Kelly.
/vis/instructors/Martin.jpg Martin Dubcovsky

Martin Dubcovsky began his aikido training in 2005 at Aikido of San Diego under the instruction of Dave Goldberg. In 2007 he served as uchideshi there for three months before graduating college and relocating to Japan to teach english. Martin joined the Aikido Institute Davis in 2008, received his black belt 2nd degree in 2012, and completed a one year uchideshi program in 2013. Martin is one of the instructors for the Junior and Teen programs.
/vis/instructors/Elise.jpg Elise Bauer

Elise Bauer started aikido in 1983 at Stanford University under Frank Doran Sensei, and trained extensively at Aikido West and other dojos in the Bay Area with Senseis Doran, Robert Nadeau, Bill Witt, Steve Gengo, and Jack Wada. In 1989 Elise lived in Kyoto, Japan, and joined the Kyoto University Aikido Club, where she received her shodan from Hombu dojo. After a several year break, Elise returned to aikido at the Aikido Institute of Davis where she received her nidan (2nd dan) in 2013. A former technology marketing executive, Elise now publishes the popular cooking website SimplyRecipes.com.
/vis/instructors/Kathleen.JPG Kathleen Holder

Kathleen Holder joined Aikido Institute Davis in 2006. After a long break from martial arts, she signed up for a beginner’s class with the goal of at least learning how to take a fall safely. She quickly discovered how much fun Aikido can be. She now holds the rank of black belt second degree (nidan). A former news reporter, she edits UC Davis’ alumni magazine. She lives in Davis with her husband and two daughters. She previously practiced and instructed classes in the Korean martial art of Tang Soo Do. Kathleen is one of the instructors for the Junior Program.
/vis/instructors/Donny.jpg Donny Shiu

Donny joined Aikido Institute of Davis in 2007. He enrolled in the Beginner’s Course with an interested in learning a martial art that emphasizes dynamic movement and energy redirection. Since then, he has been enjoying the journey. He earned his black belt (shodan) in 2013. Donny’s other martial arts experience include a black belt (shodan) in Judo, training in Dazan Ryu Small Circle Jujitsu, Pencak Silat, Wing Chun and Filipino marital arts. He works as the chief of the state's Medicaid vision services. He practices as an optometrist on weekends in the Bay Area.
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